Law Support: what you need to know

With a rapid development of a modern market the necessity to protect the ideas and brands is becoming more and more widespread with people and, hence, more and more people turn to the specialist who can provide them with reliable and qualitative Law Support. This article will arm you with all the necessary knowledge, so that you could determine which exactly type of Intellectual property support you need for your business to flourish and develop.

First of all you should bear in mind that there are three ways to protect your intellectual property: by means of registering Copyrights, Trademarks or filing Patents.

Law Support

Let’s study each category in details:

  • Copyrights – they provide you with the unique opportunity to carry out certain operations (sell, develop, import, etc.) on various products (literature and music, art creations etc.). The duration equals to the life of the inventors and additionally 70 years after their death. The process of registration is simple, but extensive. First of all you have to make sure that the invention is really new and unique and therefore, hasn’t been registered by anyone else. If you are sure that you don’t infringe upon someone’s rights, you may file the application and register the product.
  • Patents – it is acknowledged to be the strongest law that protects your invention, and is based on very strict standards. In order to file the patent, it is necessary to turn to an IP lawyer, who will apply for UK Intellectual Property Office, so that you could get a qualified support and exclusive rights for your invention. The patent will be valid over a period of 14 years and protect your property from illegal usage by competitors.
  • Trademarks – they are usually used to protect the logo, designs, symbols or names of the business. While protecting the brand from uncontrolled using, trademarks can also speed up the development of the brand and increase its popularity with the customers.

All these services can be provided by IP attorneys, sometimes they also work in tandem with paralegals. According to the American Bar Association (ABA), patent paralegal job involves carrying out the duties under the supervision of the qualified attorneys. Paralegals are, so to say, their right hand and assist them in providing various services for the clients.

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