The Need for Legal Representation in Criminal Law

If a person in the UK is accused of committing a crime, a complex legal system immediately comes into effect. From the moment that person is read their rights, which informs them that anything they say may be used in evidence in a court of law, it is strongly advisable to ask for legal representation. Such is the importance of this, every person has the right to seek legal counsel, even if they cannot afford to hire a solicitor, the state will provide one for free.

Road Traffic Offences

These make up the bulk of the cases that typically go through the justice system, and very often, having an experienced lawyer can alter the outcome in your favour. If, for example, you were driving in London and had to give a breath sample at a police checkpoint, which showed you had more than the legal limit of alcohol in your system, you should immediately consult an experienced solicitor. There are low cost legal services in Twickenham to ensure you get the best outcome, and with online experts, it really is easy to make contact.

Bail Application

If a person has been charged with a serious offence, it might not be possible to be granted bail. If you hurriedly request bail without considering first, the application might be denied, which means you could be on remand for months. If you consult a solicitor prior to seeking bail, he or she will be able to tailor the application, and by stating mitigating factors, the application is likely to be looked on favourably. No one wants to lose their liberty, even for a short time, and aside from the stress of being in prison, things like work and the family upkeep are left unattended, and by using an experienced solicitor, you are increasing your chances of bail.

Fraud Allegation

This happens quite often, and usually begins with one person feeling they have been cheated by another, and providing they have some evidence, it is possible to file an accusation at a police station. If the police feel that you have a case, they will invite the other party to answer the allegations, and depending upon the actual case, things would move forward from there. In many instances, the fraud allegation is untrue, but without the right legal counsel, a person might be wrongly convicted of fraud.

Stay Calm

If you are ever cautioned and arrested, it is vital to remain calm, and at the first opportunity, ask to contact your lawyer. If you have a smartphone, there are online legal services in Twickenham, or any area in London, who can take up your case immediately, and from that moment on, you have experienced legal representation to guide you to a satisfactory outcome. It is important to give your solicitor all information that might be relevant, and, of course, your legal counsel with always be at your side whenever you talk to the authorities.

The legal system is very complex and without expert advice, the outcome might not be favourable, which is why you should make contact with a solicitor as soon as possible.

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